Community Assistance Programme (CAPP)


Are you still struggling even after you get financial help?


Even with emergency relief assistance to ease an immediate stress, some people quite often find the pressure soon builds again. For one reason or another, people may feel they are unable to “get their heads above water” and are always in crisis.

The Community Assistance Programme (CAPP) offers support to people to help them make changes towards a lifestyle that is manageable and sustainable.

The process involves honest talk about what has been happening for someone and a commitment to change. Workers and clients agree to a contract.

CAPP is based on a solution focused model and is very practical, taking into account the mental, emotional and spiritual issues that impact how people live.

People who take part in the process are often surprised at how well they are managing after a few sessions and how the strengths that they have been using can help them achieve some long-term solutions.

CAPP operates on

Wednesdays & Fridays 11.00am – 2:00pm

Phone 02 9360 6844 to make an appointment

or contact Wayne Palmer