Our Team

The St John’s Community Services team is made up of a passionate group of people. 



I’m Ryan Naoum, I’m the team leader of St Johns Community Services. The biggest part of my role is looking after and coordinating our awesome staff team and the amazing 100+ volunteers that we have supporting us to run Rough Edges. I have a degree in education and constantly call on my skills as a teacher for training the volunteers to work safely and respectfully in a place like Rough Edges. I love to surf and drink coffee and I attend a church down south where I lead the young adults ministry. I have been married to my amazing wife Rebecca, who is a social worker, for almost 3 years.  Come and say hi, I’m a really nice guy.



Hi my name is Jesse Mawson. I am an Assistant Minister at St John´s Anglican Church. A large part of my role is working as the chaplain in Rough Edges. As part of this, I run a small church community each week called STREETWISE, where we seek to explore the complexities of following Jesus on the streets of the inner city. Before this I lived in Woolloomooloo and served as an intern for HopeStreet. I am nearly finished my undergraduate degree in Theology from Morling College. I am passionate about sleeping, reading, theology (specifically historical theology!), and pursuing what it means for us to follow Jesus in this time and place. I am recently married to my wife Cherry, who loves International development, anthropology, gardening and food!



Wayne has been working at Rough Edges since 2005 as a social worker and heads up our Community Assistance and Partnership Program. Wayne has studied Social Work and Counselling and is a qualified trainer in Non-Violent Communication. He is passionate in the use of empathy in ensuring people feel heard and understood and champions this belief in the work he does. Wayne is married to Kate and their daughter is Evie.



Paula has been working at rough edges since 2017 as the Fundraising and Community and Engagement Manager. She has a background in event management and business and is passionate about giving people education and means to help the Sydney Homelessness crisis. She has a daughter, Livy, and a son Josh.


I am the Principal Solicitor for Paxton Solicitors which provides  a legal service to St Johns Community Services.  The service is provided by SJCS free of charge.  We provide advice, referral, legal assistance and case work in almost any area including:  Centrelink, Housing NSW, Discrimination, Criminal Law, Family Law, Domestic Violence, Victims Services and Insurance.  
My background is in Criminal Law and I have worked in areas such as public prosecutions, domestic violence and corrections.  I have two cheeky boys and live with my partner. I love reading, drawing and riding my bike!